My neighborhood has been targeted in the last few weeks by kids vandalizing homes and cars. When I went outside this morning I discovered that my next door neighbor and I were the latest victims. They spray painted graffiti on my neighbor’s garage door since his car was not in the driveway. They completely covered my number plates with black spray paint making it impossible to read anything on them. I knew I would have to get my plates replaced and was relieved when the police told me I could purchase replacement number plates at

As soon as the police left to file the report I went back inside to sit down at my computer to look up the website they recommended to me. I was very pleased that this company offers replacement plates at a reasonable price that were road legal. There were many options available to customize these plates but I decided to just go with an exact duplicate of what I originally had. I did not want any badges or borders and just wanted the basic design. I went ahead and placed my order and selected to have it delivered the next day. This cost a little more but was worth it to me since my current plates cannot be read at all.

I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical but ended up having a positive experience ordering my replacement plates. They arrived the next day as promised. They were waiting on my doorstep when I arrived home from work. I took the plates out of the package and inspected them. They were perfect in their appearance so I took them outside and mounted them onto my car. I now know where to go if I ever have the need to replace my number plates again.