I run an assisted living home, and we have many happy senior citizens living here at our location. We do all that we can to plan a variety of activities to keep them engaged and interested in their surroundings and life. Once per month, we take many of them out to a destination somewhere in the city, and we use St Lee transport in order to do it.

We have two vans that we use for our business, but they do not have enough seats in them to fit everyone. So, we always need to use an outside transport company for our monthly excursions. The cost is not high at all.

Last month, we planned to take our residents to a free concert that was taking place in a nearby park. The bus picked everyone up at 3PM in the afternoon. Everyone suddenly became very excited when the bus pulled up in the parking lot. The driver waited patiently while everyone slowly piled in to get a good seat. Knowingthat each of his passengers are seniors, he takes care to stay within the speed limit and does not make any crazy turns on the road.

He dropped us off at the park where everyone enjoyed the concert that started at 4PM. When the concert was over, he was there waiting to let everyone load onto the bus again. Afterward, he drove us to a local restaurant for a great dinner, and then took us all back to the home again. Each time we take one of these trips, we find that most of the people living here in the home will talk about it for days afterward. It gives them something to look forward to on a continuous basis. We could not do any of it without the extra transportation help.