I like the navman vehicle tracking devices a whole lot. I was first introduced to them when I worked for a company that had a fleet of vehicles and drivers. Every vehicle could be tracked, routes to next stops could be adjusted and there was also a two-way messaging feature to give specific instructions to the drivers of any of the vehicles. These things worked great.

We could see where any of the vehicles were at during any part of the day or night. Some drivers were permitted to take vehicles home when they were on call for late night service calls. We could tell in a moment if a driver would use a vehicle in an unauthorized manner. We could also keep drivers form taking the scenic route, and this saves an incredible amount in petrol costs.

I liked the two-way messaging feature for advising drivers of changes to the the planed routes and scheduled stops. It saved having to try and ring up a driver on a mobile. They would get the instructions on the Navman device in the cab of the lorry, and they could respond too. When this system was implemented, it pretty much eliminated missed stops and other issues we experienced on a regular basis before we had the Navman vehicle tracking devices installed.

Our costs for fuel dropped drastically the first month we put them into use. The employees were warned that every vehicle was being tracked around the clock now. This halted personal errands and other unauthorized uses of company vehicles. When the waste stopped, the fuel costs plummeted immediately. That savings alone justified the cost of installing the Navman devices in the fleet. Small and midsize companies would benefit from this technology just as much as a huge corporation with hundreds of vehicles does.