In fact I am not really working in a traditional way, but I got the idea from reading about the car services that you hear about. They are not traditional things like taxi companies and limo services, but you download an app and you call for a ride when you need one. I managed to get on one of them, but then I started to do some other stuff too. The big thing is working for this guy that I know who owns a machine shop. The guy has a lot of customers, but one really big one which is about an hour and a half away. If all goes to plan they ship stuff to this place by truck every day, but the assembly lines have to keep running or they are going to go off the rails. So all of the time you have to call a courier service and they drive little boxes to this place so that the works do not get gummed up.

The job is really simple, but I do not ever know when they are going to call. The other night they told me that I had to go there and wait. When I got there most of the people at the shop were leaving. A few guys were still there and they were really doing everything that they could to get the job done. Of course it is not ready to go when it finished there. You have to take it to a metal finisher. Some times you put zinc coatings on it and some of the time you put other stuff on it, black stuff or bright coatings. It is not something that happens instantly, so I had to wait about an hour and then I drove these parts down to the factory.