... of Franchise Services of North America (FSNA), and president of ACRAWhen you live in the Midwest, you may find that you are more limited when it comes to vacation options. Most international airports are located on the east or the west coast. If you are interested in going on a vacation that involves the ocean, you will also have to travel to one of the coasts. This does not mean that a person in the Midwest should not be able to enjoy a vacation like a cruise though.

If you would like to go on a cruise, you can drive your vehicle that you have bought through the acra automotive group to Florida. Depending on where you are located in the Midwest, you can make this road trip fun and spend two or three days driving to Florida. You can stay in nice hotels. You can also visit national parks, tourist attractions and theme parks along the way.

Once you arrive in Florida on the day that you have booked your cruise, you will likely be able to park your car in a long-term parking garage.