I need to find a center for auto repair in Rockland County NY because I hit a deer on the way home from work last night, and it really messed up my car. I never imagined that hitting a deer would cause this amount of damage to a car. It seems like the car would just win and the deer would be destroyed, but that is clearly not the case. I guess that I underestimated how easy it is to mess up a car, and I hope that I can get the car repaired for a reasonable price.

I guess that I feel bad for the deer, but I am not that shaken up over it. I expected to feel worse, but I am mostly upset that I messed up my car, because it is not that old of a car. I actually just got it last year, but it was used when I got it. Not used that much, it is only 5 years old in all. So it is a fairly new car, as I was a saying.

I hope that it can be repaired for a reasonable price, it is obviously going to need to have a good bit of body work done to it. I hope that nothing too serious has been done with the frame of the car. That would be pretty bad. Like for example, I hope that the engine clips are intact, and that nothing is messed up with the engine. Who knows though. I know the alignment is messed up, and that is obvious. I guess I should try to figure out a list of the things that I think are wrong with the car, as a result of hitting the deer It is kind of troubling to think about what all could be wrong with it.