It’s incredible to be able to witness so much change in technology and to be a part of that change. To see how society itself reacts, incorporates the changes into itself so that individuals themselves are changed along with it. Even as something as renting limousine services from have completely changed. There was a time when we would call in order to find out information about the prices, rates and to order a limousine for our needs. Now? We can check the website. We can access the app. Companies like Uber take it one step further by allowing us to directly order a driver in real time to suit our needs.

The service industry is only going to continue to be changed in this manner. All we have to do is look at the current changes that have been made to get a clearer idea as to how it might continue progressing. At its most basic level, the fundamental changes are about creating an experience for the consumer. The traditional experience of having to go through an automated, robotic phone process is one fraught with frustrations. While those robotic responses have been fine tuned, it still requires multiple steps to reach the conclusion of our original intention.

Uber’s app is basically a short cut. They’ve created the perfect customer service experience because it simply avoids the human interaction that is typically necessary for us to conclude our order. We open the app, we order a driver and that’s that. Everything else is up to us and the driver. We can even go as far as to utilize Spotify within a driver’s car. The service focuses on the customer and nothing else. While the drivers are protected by nature of the quality of their service, at the end of the day it’s all about the experience of the customer.