I want to find a car additive store where I can buy some additives to add to my gas tank the next time that I fill up my gas tank at a gas station. I am getting close to empty, so I think that is the right time to get the additives. I know that i have read in the past that most additives are added to the car’s gasoline tank when the car is refilled with gas. I believe that you are supposed to wait until your tank is almost empty, then add the additives, and then fill the tank all the way up to full with gasoline.

I am not sure if there are any additives that don’t work this way, but there is a possibility I guess. Anyway, my car has not been performing very well lately. I do not want to take it to the shop, if i do not have to, because I do not really have the money for that. So I am going to have to wait to see if the additives will do the trick and increase the performance of the car.

I sure hope that it will clear up the problem, because otherwise, I am going to be in a lot of trouble. I just don’t have much money right now. I wish that my car would not be acting up on me. It is really frustrating, because it is not that old of a car. It should not be having these issues. The biggest problem is just that the car does not want to accelerate properly when I step on the gas. It does not even matter how hard I press down on the gas. It just does not want to respond in the way that I want it to.