I am going to need to find taxi services in the near future, because I am in need of transportation. I just got a job, and I do not have the money to afford a car at this point in time, so I think my best bet might be to take a taxi to work for the time being. I really hope that it does not cost too much money to get back and forth from work using a taxi as transportation. I need to check around and see what the rates are for different companies in the local area. I guess I need to figure out what company will offer me the best prices so that I can spend as little money on transportation as possible.

I know that a lot of companies have a base fee for using the taxi, and then a rate per mile that they charge for the distance you travel in the taxi. As such, there is probably a particular combination of base fee and rate per mile that works out to be the best price for me, based on how far I will need to travel to get to my place of work. I guess I am going to try to figure out the rates for all of the local taxi companies, and then I will be able to do the math in order to figure out which one will be the best for me. I hope I do not have to use a taxi for too long, but I guess it is really my only option at least for the time being. As soon as I am able to save up some money from my new job, I will probably start to look for used cars that I can afford to purchase.