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PostHeaderIcon Finding an Economical Car on a Budget

2012 vorsteiner gtrs5 based on bmw m3 vorsteiner gtrs5 bmw m3 6When I was trying to find a great used car, a friend told me about motor house plantation and how they had helped her pick out a great truck for work. I haven’t had a car for a very long time so I’ve been kind of wary about buying one; it’s not that I don’t trust buying a used car, it’s just that there is so much maintenance that goes into them, so much upkeep, that I am not entirely positive if I am going to have the budget to fit a car in. I need one, though, especially if I want to be able to find a better job anytime soon.

PostHeaderIcon Planning a Trip to the Shore

I am going to do something special with the wife this year. I have fixed it up so that her parents will take the kids for an entire week and I am going to do a little romantic getaway. It will start out with a maryland limousine service picking us up and taking us out for a romantic dinner. Then instead of going home we will go down a little place my boss has down on the Chesapeake Bay. He usually rents it out, but he sort of owes me a big favor and he is going to let me have it for a week free of charge. Of course I really saved his butt from a bad situation, so it is more like a way to even the score than it is like he is going to do me a favor or something.

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